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BBC Broadcasting House (phase 2 - fitout) GRP desk and canopy BBC Broadcasting House phase 2 fit out

DDA desk extension mouldings added to glass counters in main breakout areas - 3m long signage curving shrouds/canopies over breakout refreshment stations - Curved walls with weather symbols wrapping attractively around mdf resource hubs

Cable & Wireless Meeting Desk Cable & Wireless Meeting Desk

Designed and manufactured for Conran Design Group

Cable & Wireless Phone Display Desk Cable & Wireless Phone Display Desk

Designed & manufactured for the Conran Design Group

Cable & Wireless Reception Desk Cable & Wireless Reception Desk Cladding

Designed and manufactured for the Conran Design Group, this product was required in translucent and then made to two different size configurations.

Reception desks Palestra pod Desks for receptions, exhibitions/short term display

Whatever you need - we can design and build it. The desk shown is available for hire or outright purchase. Contact Allan Curtis 07718 320184 for more details.

Holland Casino Rotterdam Check In Desks / Kiosks Holland Casino Rotterdam Check In Desks / Kiosks

This project comprised 3 No complete work stations for the casino reception area. Easily located where you need them, either as permanent or temporary facilities. Twin colour modular construction fitted out with Formica K2020 bespoke shaped desks and open shelving, Corian Glacier Ice light boxes, footrests with Marmoleum Forbo floor covering, stainless steel base trim and felt to sculptured cash receipt area. Accessed by side panel door. Different sizes available, unit shown 3.3m x 1.7m

Just one of many possible modular configurations Modular GRP seating

Can be arranged in a number of configurations, a bit like a scalextric track, to suit your needs and budget. Robust in finish these are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Seating - Paradise Street Modular Seating - Paradise Street, Liverpool

Bright, bold and curvaceous by day and illuminated by night, the unique GRP seating, created by Design & Display Structures, will be noticed 24/7 at the 42.5 acre Paradise Street Regeneration project - playing a part in the city's transition into the Capital of Culture. Sitting within a designer third floor courtyard in the vast project, the brightly coloured GRP seats, with inbuilt lighting, will catch the eyes of thousands of visitors every day and night.

Seating - Paradise Street - Plan Modular Seating - Paradise Street, Liverpool

Image showing the plan layout.

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