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Design & Display has worked on a number of projects across a variety of sectors. Here, we have highlighted examples of our latest projects. For more information about projects involving specific product types click the links on the left hand side menu. If you require more information on the solutions provided please
contact us.

Pods - Interior Pods: Granta Park Cambridge, Godfrey Hicks

Pods - Sir Francis Crick Auditorium organic pod cladding in GRP, Laing O'Rourke

Domes - Rotunda: Barton Square Trafford Centre Manchester, Bovis Lend Lease

Roof Cladding - Composite dance studio roof: Siobhan Davies Dance Studio,

Mosques & Temples - Dome: Southampton Medina Mosque, D&D

Mosques & Temples - Minarets: Jamia Mosque Hyde Manchester, Easter & Beswick Constructors Ltd

Mosques & Temples - Sikh temples: Willenhall, Wednesfield and Wolverhampton, Reade Buray Associates

Towers & Turrets - Campanile Tower Belfry: Barton Square Trafford Centre Manchester, Bovis Lend Lease

Sculptures - Hello Friends Sculpture: Artist House Leeds, Landmark Development Projects & St James Securities

Sculptures - Statues: Barton Square, Bovis Lend Lease

Advertising Features - Football: Adidas World Cup,

Columns - Birmingham Mailbox Portal Beams in GRP, Galliford Try Construction

Columns - Internal columns: Newcastle City Campus East, Sir Robert McAlpine

Fascia & Soffits - Serpentine Sackler Gallery GRP FRP organic cladding, Galliford Try Construction

Wall & Ceiling Cladding - Fascias: Marlowe Arcade Canterbury, Kier South East

Wall & Ceiling Cladding - Glowing GRP Bath and Wall: The stars of Directors Home, Turner Castle

Wall & Ceiling Cladding - Nest wall and mushroom bar canopy: Holland Casino Rotterdam, IPMMC VASTGOED B.V.

Modular Buildings - Beach hut: 'Eyes Wide Shut' Bathing Beauties 21st Century competition, Feix&Merlin

Desks & Displays - Check in desks/kiosks: Holland Casino Rotterdam, IPMMC VASTGOED B.V.

Desks & Displays - Moulded external seating: Paradise Street Liverpool, Vale Construction / Laing O’Rourke Construction

Desks & Displays - Retail desks and displays: Cable & Wireless Retail Outlet,

Toboggan Rides - Luge run: Chill Factor e Trafford Manchester, Sir Robert McAlpine

GRP Materials - Generic Presentation PDF file, Various


Oldham Central Mosque Drum Cladding

Ornate column capital features in GRP - image 2
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